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Posted by smallsausage - November 30th, 2020

we have reached a quarter of 276 followersiu_201971_6708626.jpg



Posted by smallsausage - November 22nd, 2020

so I can get that schweet schweet funny sex number



Posted by smallsausage - November 22nd, 2020


you'll need Adobe Flash CS5.5 or higher to view this thing

all the backgrounds are colored in Photoshop, but since I'm a dumbass I deleted the files lol


Posted by smallsausage - November 20th, 2020

about time bitches

whoever doesn't watch it will have a red brick for a son


Posted by smallsausage - November 17th, 2020

And Santa loved all your cookies!

As a thank you, he gave you

Some nice anime tiddies


yo yo yo bitches

I’ve got a grand, end-of-year Newgrounds 2020 illustration in standby. it’s gonna be my 25th overall art piece I’ve posted in Newgrounds, and it’s 3 times bigger than anything I’ve ever made before.

stay tuned lads



Posted by smallsausage - November 12th, 2020

someone randomly gifted me Supporter status lol

very special thanks to Olskoo (@nuskoo) for ze gift <3

I don’t know how to repay it



Posted by smallsausage - November 11th, 2020







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if bitch=="bitch":
elif bitch=="BITCH":



Posted by smallsausage - October 28th, 2020


i swear this is more enjoyable than getting a thousand subscribers on YouTube


Posted by smallsausage - October 22nd, 2020

it was nice



Posted by smallsausage - October 19th, 2020

Hello again, Newgrounds. I haven't made a formal post ever since July, so I figured I'd start by explain my current state, and why I haven't uploaded any video since June.

I remember, in December 31, 2019, when we were at my gramp's house celebrating the New Years. I opened Newgrounds, and while celebrating the arrival of 2020 mere hours earlier before the people in the Newgrounds Discord did, I jokingly posted "happy new year, but I don't wanna go" as a joke.

Looking back at that now, I feel like it's more appropriate to say that today...

Things haven't been the same ever since. The start of the year was alright, but then it got progressively worse and worse. The old laptop now won't work, so I had to use another laptop, a Sony Vaio. I clumsily spilled Coke on that laptop's keyboard, so for 3 months, I haven't done anything other than weep.

I finally got my hands on my sister's HP Pavilion laptop, a gift she received during her graduation. (Or during her birthday?) With two laptops already broken, I've been instinctly careful around that laptop. I never drank anything near it. Ate around it, maybe, but only food that wouldn't scatter its pieces like those godforsaken chocolate fudge bars. I also made a new animated video with it, and even now, I'm still damn proud of that video. It marked my progress as both a person and as an animator.

At that point, since school was only 2 months away, I figured I could use those 2 months to actually make content this time, to make up for the lack of animated videos during 2019. I was gonna make a new, original (and vulgar) video with a script that I actually wrote this time, a new set of backgrounds all colored in Photoshop since, prior to this video's production, all the backgrounds in my videos were done in Adobe Flash entirely, and had @GrantTheHierophant's amazing voice acting. I was also gonna make my part for the 2020 Newgrounds Sketch Collab, hosted by @/NickConter and @/HenryEYES. At that point on, I was hellbent on building my foundation as an animator by planning to join collabs, and writing more scripts for more animated videos.

... that is, until July 3, 2020, at around 10:30PM. You know how bad and traumatic this was to me because I knew exactly when it happened.

The laptop screen turned black all of a sudden, with just a cursor on the screen.

I tried to search on my phone how to make it act normal again while also trying to not make it obvious that something was wrong. I swore to myself that I didn't do anything bad this time; I didn't overestimate the laptop's capabilities, I made sure I didn't install anything from sketchy sites (which, in retrospect, I haven't even done for a long long time) and I was now frantically searching how to fix it on Google.


It turned out that the damn thing was updating, but I didn't know it at the time; and I wish I did know it during that moment, because my mom had already saw the laptop with a black screen, and a bunch of tech support-related search results on my phone. Oh no, I thought to myself.

A few minutes later, my mom is now dead worried already. She's now crying because she's worried that I broke the laptop again. I told her to calm down; but she wouldn't, so I slowly went from telling her to be quiet, to telling her to shut up. (I didn't literally tell her to shut up, however.) It was now my dad's turn to calm her down.

Eventually, I did find out how to "fix" it; just hold the power button for a long time, then release it, then press it again. This rebooted the laptop; making it normal.

But at this point, my parents had already agreed to keep the laptop off my hands again, worried that I'll destroy it once more.

The thing is, every time I asked my parents why I couldn't use the laptop again, they always had different answers. The day after they confiscated the thing, they told me it was because I was disrespectful. (Did I forget to mention I'm a Filipino? Yes, even Filipino parents have a high regard for respect) Another time, they told me because I "used the laptop too much." And finally, a month after that, they told me it's because "my sister has to use the laptop" even if a lot of the time, she doesn't use it because she had already done her shit the day before.

Do you wanna know why this is so traumatic?

Here. I'll hit you with a list.


  • The next 2 months was spent on lying on my bed like a useless sack of shit. I hated it. It was one of the lowest points in my life and I could've killed myself already, if @Tacopug, @Munchinchips and other people hadn't convinced me not to.


  • Not knowing how long until all this ends drives me more insane every day, to the point where all my concerns are just "am I still relevant? do people still care about me? do people even still remember me? or know me?"

Eventually I met @SCtriestodraw, who introduced me to @zachs234, and both made much more encouraged to improve on my art department. I also did find a Nintendo 64 emulator. I got hooked on Mario 64, Zelda 64 and some other lovely games, which helped spark my wish to dive into game development even more.

Other than that, 2020 has been really shit. Absolute, S-tier cretinous antiquated fucking busted up piece of shit year.

I guess I never wanted to go after all.